Megan Day

Megan Day

Nurse Megan Day previously worked at a collaborative school in Chelsea, Mass. Outside of school, she enjoys seeing live music and is currently teaching herself to play the guitar.

What was high school like for you?

I really enjoyed theater, so I was in the drama society. I played the flute and we had a really awesome band, which was relatively small. Our director was a teacher at Berklee, so he was really talented and really dedicated. Extracurriculars were probably the saving grace of my high school career, just because it was a nice community to have when it got kind of rough. I’d say that high school was a positive experience and sometimes I do think about it with certain nostalgia.

Is there anything in particular you are hoping to accomplish this year?

I’d say branching out, meeting a lot of people, making connections with students, and making myself known, so people know who I am and I make myself available for people to get to know me better.

Is there anything specific you would like to tell me about?

I’m really into nature and herbalism, so I study medicinal plants and how to use them. That’s a passion of mine and something that I want to possibly do later in my life; have my own piece of land, grow my own herbs and treat people using herbs.

Do you enjoy hiking or any outdoor activities?

I really want to get into wild mushroom foraging, like medicinal mushrooms.

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