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Lori Lynn

A Worcester native, Lori Lynn attended undergrad at MassArt, where she started out as a printmaking major, then realized her true love for photography. When she is not working on her own series of photographs, Lynn likes to ride her bike, collect fun things at thrift stores and see local bands. This summer, she received her master’s degree from the University of Hartford. Her goal is to engage students in the process of photography and get them to think about photographs as art.

What made you want to be a photography teacher?

I am a serious photographer in my own life. I am an artist and it’s important to me to continue to work on my own projects because I want to be a good representative for the students and also for myself. I like the process of making things. I like the magic that people get to experience their first time in the darkroom.

So do you think your teenage years shaped you in any way? Is that when you started to do photography?

I have always loved pictures. But then that developed into a more serious attitude once I started taking classes. Then I realized how complicated it was, and how deep you could go into the world of photography. In high school, my favorite classes were my art classes. They were the ones where I really felt like I was succeeding and I was doing something that I enjoyed. They were the best part of my day and I want to provide that for young people now.

Were there any artists that inspired you growing up?

The photographer that really solidified for me that I wanted to be a photographer was Diane Arbus. She took pictures of people who were considered “freaks” but she photographed them with love and with curiosity, and that spoke to me. I felt like I could be her. I felt like she was taking the pictures I wanted to make, and so I went with photography.

What made you want to work at Brookline High School?

I applied for every photo teacher job that was available, but I am really happy that I got the job in Brookline because the more I learn about this school, the more I respect the values and the structure of it. I almost get the sense that people here don’t necessarily realize how special it is because it’s sort of normal for all of you, but coming from a school that didn’t have an open campus and just had much different attitudes, it’s so wonderful to be here where the students have so much responsibility given to them, but in a positive way. I respect it.

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