Administration moves former graffitied picnic table to Atrium to encourage positivity

Valentina Rojas, Breaking News Managing Editor

“A SYMBOL OF OUR STRENGTH AND FELLOWSHIP,” reads the board by the graffitied picnic table in the Atrium, which was moved there Tuesday, Sep. 20. An announcement was made by Interim Headmaster Anthony Meyer over the intercom Monday morning due to the extreme offensiveness of the graffiti.

Students are encouraged to write positive messages on the table, which is covered with white paper. The picnic table will stay in the Atrium through the end of the week.

“A symbol of our strength and fellowship. As a way to reclaim our sense of positivity and unity around the picnic tables we share with the Brookline community, we offer this space for messages of affirmation and good will to one another. Please use a pen or marker to write an uplifting or encouraging comment on this Cypress field picnic table. We will leave the table here in the Atrium for the rest of the week and hope to overwhelm it with positive expressions from and for students and adults at BHS. Go, team!”