Elevated lead rates in water were false alarm


An email sent by interim superintendent Jospeh J. Connelly apologized to high and Baker school parents after lead reports had been mistaken. All water in the the schools has been tested and is below the lead action level.

Valentina Rojas, Arts Managing Editor

In an email sent to Baker and high school parents by interim superintendent Joseph J. Connelly, he quotes from the MWRA statement and apology after they mistakenly reported on the water tests done at the two schools.

“”MWRA mistakenly reported that two samples from Brookline schools were above the lead action level. Due to human error, the Brookline samples were mixed in with a group of internal, experimental samples and somehow got out of sequence. Once the error was discovered, the samples were run again and we have confirmed that all of the Brookline school samples were below the lead action level. MWRA apologizes for the error and we have taken measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.””