Ultimate Disc experiences influx in popularity


Erez Ben-Akiva, Website Manager

When ultimate disc became an organized sport at the high school just last year, it had just one coed team and one coach.

Now, in only its second year of being an organized team at the high school, ultimate disc has a girls team, a boys varsity team and two boys junior varsity teams.

According to boys varsity captain and senior Zach Leonard, ultimate disc has become so popular at the high school because it can appeal to many different types of athletes.

I think that we offer something different from other sports in that we take a lot of people who are like, ‘sports aren’t really my thing, but I do like throwing a frisbee.’” Leonard said. “We’re accepting of that.”

Senior Emma Lowenstein said that the recent establishment of the teams has led to its rise in popularity.

“It’s the second year that we’ve been doing ultimate disc and the first year that we’ve had a girls team,” Lowenstein said. “So I think just that, knowing that it’s a new sport, people are starting to get interested.”

Senior Jordan Fried said that practices are less rigorous than those of other sports, creating a more relaxed atmosphere on the team.

I feel like our practices are a little more relaxed, where there’s slightly less conditioning, because we haven’t done a lot of sprinting,” Fried said. “There’s been distance runs and a little bit of core strength, but not a lot.”

According to senior Priscilla Chung, ultimate disc is a relatively accessible sport compared to other sports at the high school.

Ultimate is super chill,” Chung said. “Also, it’s more easy to get into because people are familiar with a frisbee or familiar with a disc.”

Chung said her favorite part of ultimate disc is the sense of camaraderie that it helps cultivate.

“There’s something in ultimate that’s called spirit of the game,” Chung said. “Ultimate is a self-reffed game, and it’s all about sportsmanship above all else. And I think our team is really cool about that because we always cheer each other on.”

Lowenstein said that although ultimate disc can become intense at times, the sport is ultimately based on positive feelings.

“It’s all based on friendship and how kind you are to each other,” Lowenstein said. “But along with winning, it’s all about kindness. So it’s not as intense, but it’s very fun.”

Fried also said that his favorite part of the sport is the community.

“I really like the team and because I’m so close to the team is why I’m on the team.” Fried said. “And it’s an enjoyable sport.”

According to Lowenstein, anyone can become a skilled ultimate player.

“All the girls we’ve had on the team are getting so much better,” Lowenstein said. “Like some of them haven’t even played frisbee or caught a frisbee. And now they’re catching and throwing and scoring points.”

Leonard said that the ultimate disc team’s goal is to create a positive atmosphere.

“The goal of the team is to be a more relaxed environment than other sports in the high school,” Leonard said. “We’re trying to create a team environment where everyone’s working hard, but acknowledging that for some people it’s just not their number one priority to be on an ultimate frisbee team. Ultimate frisbee players come in all shapes and sizes.”