ROM: Baja Betty’s

The Burrito Bowl at Baja Betty's. ETHAN GAINSBORO / SAGAMORE STAFF

The Burrito Bowl at Baja Betty's. ETHAN GAINSBORO / SAGAMORE STAFF

Ethan Gainsboro, Staff Writer

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The generally compelling scenery of the restaurant along with the many options on the large, colorful menu board made for a strong first impression when our party of three first entered Baja Betty’s Burritos.

Baja Betty’s Burritos is a fast and easy way to grab a midday snack or meal if you have a free block or are just hungry during the day. The restaurant, which is located down the street from the high school in Brookline Village, is specifically heralded for its “Starvin Student Special.” The special is particularly appealing to students from Brookline High School as it features a burrito and a soda for $6.50 ($7.50 for other students.)

The service was noticeably quick. We ordered three meals, the Starvin’ Student Special, along with a Mandarin-flavored Jarritos soda (the Jarritos was $1 extra), the Vegetarian Taco ($4.75), and a burrito bowl with a Guava flavored Jarritos ($12).

The burrito had spicy chicken, corn, cheese and rice. The chicken had a superb combination of spice and flavor. The rice, corn and cheese made for a great, tasteful mixture, and the burrito’s tortilla was delectable.

The vegetarian taco was enjoyable and fresh. The lettuce and varying ingredients added to its natural aesthetic. There was a generous amount of food, especially considering its low price. Although the restaurant is usually known for its burritos, the vegetarian taco is worth trying.

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  • Baja Betty's Burritos is located in Brookline Village. ETHAN GAINSBORO / SAGAMORE STAFF

  • The menu at Baja Betty's features many affordable Mexican dishes. ETHAN GAINSBORO / SAGAMORE STAFF

  • A wall of Jarritos, a popular Mexican soda, is on display behind the counter at Baja Betty's. ETHAN GAINSBORO / SAGAMORE STAFF

  • Behind the Baja Betty's counter are signs displaying the day's filling and any special deals. ETHAN GAINSBORO / SAGAMORE STAFF

  • The counter above displays a variety of sauces ranging from mild to spicy. ETHAN GAINSBORO / SAGAMORE STAFF

  • This burrito and the mandarin Jarritos were part of the Starvin' Student Special deal, and cost only $6.50. ETHAN GAINSBORO / SAGAMORE STAFF

  • This burrito bowl, along with the guava Jarritos, cost $12.

  • This ample vegetarian taco provided great value for a low price of $4.75. ETHAN GAINSBORO / SAGAMORE STAFF

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The burrito bowl came with a lot of different textures and temperatures that attributed to its flavor. In the bowl, the varying temperatures included hot beans contrasted with cold sour cream. The Jarritos drinks were tasty, and their punchy flavor and color added to the dining experience.

The food, service, prices, scenery, and atmosphere are all terrific. Baja Betty’s Burritos earned 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, due to its delicious food, low prices, and close location to the high school. It would’ve gotten a 5 if it had the nationally-ranked food and overall reputation like Anna’s has.

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