Music production class teaches versatility



Maddie Nagler, Staff Writer

digital music production 2

Imagine a master instrument that has the capability of playing the sounds of all other instruments. It exists, and it is called a computer. In this day in age, music is no longer limited to the sounds and harmonies of instruments, but rather encompasses digital production as well.

The Music Production course, which is offered to students with any level of experience, provides a different forum to play and hear music as opposed to a traditional concert band. Rather than tuning instruments and carrying music stands, the only item for music production is a computer.

According to Music Production teacher Carolyn Castellano, Music Production is about learning how to make music through technology.

“It is learning how to do a digital audio workstation, so we use Logic Ten,” Castellano said. “The class is pretty technical because we go into depth, and people learn how to compose music, and we learn a little music theory. Basically, the curriculum is based off of more pop music, like rock and jazz, but not really classical music.”

Castellano said that students with any type of musical background or lack thereof can enjoy the course.  

“You don’t have to be musically inclined with an instrument,” Castellano said. “The set of skills is just that you like music. Sometimes people take the class who don’t really listen to music. The kind of student who should take it is a student who really likes music, who is interested in knowing what it is like to write music but has never written it before and is willing to go in not knowing what they are doing for a little bit of time.”

According to Castellano, the course is designed for anyone to succeed because people can adjust the course to fit their level and the speed at which they work.

“I also have everything set up in canvas as modules, so students can go at their own pace because the class is very mixed leveled,” Castellano said. “If someone gets it fast and can move on, they can keep following the modules on canvas and watch screen movies and they keep moving on.”

digital music production

According to sophomore Jeremy Doughty, who has taken Music Production,  a love for music, rather than musical skill, is what makes someone succeed in the class.

“You don’t have to be musically talented to take the class per se, but it’s necessary to have a love for music and a desire to learn more about it,” Doughty said. “It definitely helps to have a background in music.”

Sophomore Emerson Chandler, who has also taken Music Production, said that someone could come in with any level of musical talent and still get a lot out of the course.

“Honestly, anyone can take it,” Chandler said. “The class is formatted for anyone to succeed in it. I am not a very musical person. I listen to music a lot, but I don’t play an instrument, so it’s a really great class, and I would recommend it.”