Senior transforms knitting hobby into business


These scarves, knitted by senior Sydney Solem, are sold for $30. MAYA MORRIS / SAGAMORE STAFF.

Sascha Wolf-Sorokin, Staff Writer

When senior Sydney Solem started knitting, she did not know that she was planting the seeds for her very own business. Her Wrap It Up scarf company allows students to buy products made by members of the high school community.

“I started knitting because I enjoyed knitting,” Solem said. “Then, I was making so many scarves and I had to buy so much yarn, so then I decided I might as well sell some of it.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.32.29 PM
Senior Kay Takanami poses on Solem’s Instagram account wearing a knitted headscarf. According to Solem, headscarves are $12.

The Instagram account, wrapitup_sydsol, advertises the business on social media.  According to senior Kay Takinami, who has helped Solem with knitting the scarves, the Instagram helps to advertise the products.

“You see other people wearing the scarves and seeing their smilies and seeing how much they love their products,” Takinami said.

The Instagram account also shows a variety of different scarves that they sell, and some people have bought their scarves directly online.

“Some of the things that I post on there actually get sold through the Instagram,” Solem said. “It helps the people decide which color they want, and if they want it long or short, or which headscarf they want. Some of the head scarves are different materials, so some of them are softer.”

According to Takinami, scarves are not only strictly for girls to wear, and they serve many purposes.

“Scarves? They’re just a nice accessory to have,” Takinami said. “They are extra warm around your neck and stuff. Usually people think only girls wear them, but they’re really unisex.”

In general, most of Solem’s scarves are sold for $30 and most headscarves are sold for $12. Junior Kate Dragonetti said that she is more inclined to buy these scarves because she knows the reasoning behind the prices.

“She prices them pretty reasonably, she tells you why the cost is what it is. Like, its this much for yarn and then this much for my time,” Dragonetti said.

Dragonetti also thinks that the quality of the scarves is very good.
“It’s really soft and well made,” Dragonetti said.

Takinami thinks that buying something from a friend makes you feel more connected to the object you purchase.

“I think knowing that a friend is making them is awesome because I think if you buy from a friend it seems more homemade, more genuine,” Takinami said. “And, it’s awesome to support your friend with a hobby they have.”