Graffiti on the face of a Terracotta warrior


Provided by Juliette Estime

Explicit graffiti was drawn on the face of a Terracotta warrior on April 28.

Sarah Groustra , Staff Writer

The face of a Terracotta warrior in the atrium was subjected to explicit graffiti on Thursday, April 28. The artist of the drawings is still unknown.

The graffiti included a cross, teardrops and male genitalia.

According to Dean Anthony Meyer, the head was promptly removed the next day by administration. It has since been cleaned and replaced back on the warrior’s body.

According to Meyer, the head was defaced the same day as the Day of Dialogue, so the administration began their investigation by speaking with students who were helping with the event in the atrium. They also spoke to students in the library a few days after the incident, believing that students working at computers may have witnessed the event by looking out the large windows that overlook the atrium.

This is not the first time that the Terracotta warriors have been subjected to student antics. Last spring, the heads were stolen off the warriors as a senior prank.

According to Meyer, he views these as completely separate incidents, the graffiti being far worse.

“This last one is certainly the most disturbing by far,” Meyer said. “I mean, drawing a penis on a warrior’s face—I see it mostly as really, really immature. It’s hard for me to fathom who would do something like that, honestly.”