Second bomb threat call leads to evacuation

Kendall McGowan, Managing News Editor

Students and faculty evacuated the building due to a bomb threat this morning for the second time this week. Photo by Kendall McGowan/Sagamore staff

At approximately 8:10 a.m., high school students and faculty were told over an announcement to evacuate the building for the second time this week. According to Headmaster Deborah Holman, the reason was another robocall-style bomb threat placed to the main office. She said that this time the decision was made with the Brookline police, fire and school departments to evacuate immediately.

Members of the high school were allowed to return to classes after all three buildings were cleared around 8:45 a.m. According to Holman, this was a low-level threat, and over ten other high schools in the area received similar calls this morning. She said that the school is not sure whether this will happen again.

“We’re a little worried about that because some schools have had multiple other threats,” Holman said. “Luckily we have not, so it’s anybody’s guess.”