AOM: Wilson Hsu



Raven Bogues, Staff Writer

Being a part of the New England Conservatory’s Youth Philharmonic Conservatory is no small feat. Sophomore Wilson Hsu has played violin since he was three and a half, and now plays both viola and violin. According to Wilson Hsu, music has influenced him throughout his life.

“I still try and practice every day, but sometimes I have too much work, so it’s hard. But every Saturday I dedicate the whole day to music, ever since I was in the first grade,” Wilson Hsu said.

Wilson’s younger brother, freshman Evan Hsu, acknowledged Wilson’s efforts to maintain his musical talent.

“My parents make him be my role model,” Evan Hsu said. “He’s better at practicing and for longer. They tell me to follow him and use him as a role model.”

Wilson Hsu volunteers at James J. Chittick Elementary School through the “From the Top” program, giving first to fourth graders private lessons and chamber coaching. Wilson Hsu said that he appreciates giving his time and skills to others.

“These kids are from impoverished towns,” Wilson Hsu said. “They don’t have a lot of opportunities to learn, or their families usually don’t have enough money to provide lessons for their kids,” said Wilson Hsu.

According to senior Peter Fletcher, Wilson Hsu engages in other orchestral activities around the high school besides playing in the Youth Philharmonic and volunteering with From the Top.

“He was the principal for the Senior District Orchestra and also played in then All State Orchestra,” Fletcher said in an email.

According to Evan Hsu, Wilson Hsu’s work ethic has been an inspiration.

“Growing up, I’ve always looked up to him, and because he has done so well in this area, it has inspired me to do well when playing the cello,” Evan Hsu said.

Fletcher said that Wilson Hsu demonstrates admirable qualities in his daily life through his music.

“I respect how seriously Wilson takes playing the violin and viola,” Fletcher said. “He is extremely reliable and plays with a loud, good sound, which is especially important for viola. He has the qualities of a good musician.”

According to Wilson Hsu, playing viola has taught him perseverance.

“Playing an instrument is a very difficult thing to do,” Wilson said. “However, I think if you approach it the right way it can teach you a lot of things, not only in music but in life as well.”