Sagamore to sponsor 2016 prom


Desperate for visuals at press time, the Sagamore decided to share with the public a rare sight: Visuals Manager Sam Klein, the author of this article, sporting the now trendy "man-bun."

Sam Klein, Visuals Manager

The high school’s senior prom and after the prom party this year will be sponsored by the Sagamore, resulting in changes to the event’s theme.

“Last year’s theme, ‘Under the Boardwalk,’ may have been fun,” Assistant Headmaster Hal Mason said. “But it wasn’t financially lucrative. This isn’t about fun. Prom is a business.”

The exact amount paid for sponsorship was not disclosed. Sagamore Co-Editor-in-Chief Sofia Tong said that the value was not yet confirmed.

“We don’t know exactly how much money we have,” Tong said. “Our business manager, well, he’s a second-semester senior. So are the rest of us. I didn’t even do my biology homework. Stop asking me questions and consult one of the juniors. No further comment.”

One confirmed change is that students will have the option to read the Sagamore in the Tappan gym during the After the Prom Party.

Administration said that other changes were still up in the air, but many ideas have been thrown around. According to Mason, these included things like requiring tuxedos to have the Sagamore’s logo.

Other possibilities included decreasing the ticket cost for students wearing dresses made out of Sagamores, requiring attendees to write opinions pieces about their experiences and distributing newspapers to students as they get on the buses.

According to Mason, the Sagamore won a bidding war for sponsorship.

“It’s not as if they were the only group that expressed interest,” Mason said. “We held a bidding war, and the Sagamore made the highest offer. Anthony Meyer almost made a higher sponsorship offer. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that.”

Senior Priscilla Chung said that the sponsorship was not that important to her.

“It’s not like the prom is really going to change that much, honestly,” Chung said. “I continue to expect a wonderfully wholesome evening. I love square dancing.”

Tong offered little information about her preferences regarding changes to the prom.

“Stop asking me things! I’m trying to nap,” Tong said.

Happy April Fools Day!