Review: Camerata Masterworks Concert



Chloe McKim Jepsen, Staff Writer

The Camerata Masterwork Concert began at 7:30 p.m. in the atrium crowded with eager spectators.

Before the performance, chorus director Michael Driscoll, expressed positive sentiments about the upcoming performance.

“This is all Italian Baroque, so 1700-1750 era, featuring Camerata and a subgroup of the orchestra here, so it’s all some of our best performers and it’s going to be very good,” Driscoll said.

The chorus consisted of males in tuxedos and females in long black dresses with bright purple scarves. The night’s soloists included seniors Mellissa Picker, Jerilyn McLean, Rory Redgrave and Arthur Chen, as well as juniors Louis Sokolow, Moe Wakai and sophomores Ashley Choi and Noah Sesling.

Driscoll led the Camerata choir and chamber orchestra through Antonio Vivaldi’s “Magnificat” and Tomaso Ingenieri’s “Dixit Dominus.” The Atrium echoed with the whole, full sound of the choir and instrumentals.

For Driscoll’s dissertation, he studied Dixit Dominus, Psalm 109. According to Driscoll, Ingenieri’s “Dixit Dominus” was likely last sung in the 1750s.

In the first piece in “Magnificat” called “Domine, ad adjuvandum me festina,” singers went up to the front of the orchestra and sang a mixture of short staccato and long legato phrases, backed up by the constant hum of the choir.

Driscoll said that this performance had been in the works for a long period of time.

“This is from four or five years now, in March early spring, we’ve been doing a masterwork, choral, orchestral masterworks, so a bigger, longer piece from chorus and orchestra,” said Driscoll.

The amiable atmosphere of the room was only heightened when the performance drew an end. Full of friends, family, and spectators, the room erupted with applause.