Restaurant 108 Top Chef: Alex Ervin

Jason Altshuler and Izzy Gonzalez


After two extremely impressive shows of culinary talent throughout March, Restaurant 108 was once again buzzing with the excitement of the competition, as servers and chefs alike rushed in and out of the kitchen in the hopes of satisfying their customers.

March 29 marked the third and final chapter of the Top Chef competition.  During both lunches, Alex Ervin prepared and served a creative meal of Soul Food for the price of $12.

Our party of two was greeted and sent to our table warmly after entering. Soon after we sat down, we received menus and ordered the Corn Muffin, Fried Chicken, Collard Greens, and the Apple Crisp.

In a interesting new method, the first three courses (appetizer, main, and side) all came out at once on the same plate. Because multiple courses were brought out at once, the experience fit perfectly into the allotted time for lunch, which was a convenient change from some of the previous competitors’ meals.

The corn muffin was delicious, though small, as was the perfectly cooked and seasoned chicken, which was plentiful.

A few minutes after we finished our main dishes, the server brought over the dessert. The apple crisp, which consisted of cooked apples with crisp crumble on top, had a generous portion, and tasted great.

Ervin did a fantastic job at complementing the savory components with sweet ones, and tastefully concluded this year’s Top Chef competition in a delicious manner.