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E-block- MLK: REDx Talks “What I know”

March 17, 2016


Rachel Myers/Sagamore staff

Social studies teacher Malcolm Cawthorne speaks after the showing of the REDx talk. Cawthorne encouraged students to attend the next Race Reels at the high school on April 7.

This assembly featured a short Race Reels film about the power of languages in our world. Ten minutes were set aside at the end for discussion led by social studies teacher Malcolm Cawthorne.

Students listened to Tlakwasikan Khelsilem speak on REDx Talks, a speaker series which hosts prominent indigenous people from all over the world. Khelsilem is an indigenous man from Canada who works to revive native languages.

Khelsilem mainly talked about how important it is to hold on to languages, as they are the defining features of a country.

“Languages allow us to see the world differently and understand the world differently,” Khelsilem said in the video.

After the video, students responded thoughtfully to Cawthorne’s questions and shared their experiences with languages.

Cawthorne invited everyone to attend the next Race Reels at the high school on April 7.

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