PLAYER PROFILE: Elizabeth Webler, girls varsity basketball


Sam Klein

Sam Klein / Sagamore Staff

Karina Lorenzo, Staff Writer

How has this sport affected you?

You definitely meet a lot of people, so it’s affected me socially. All my friends play sports, and I pretty much met them all through sports.


How would you describe the team and your relationship with them?

This is my first year on varsity and my first year playing with a lot of upperclassmen. The relationship with the team has definitely influenced how successful we’ve been. The morale of the team is really intense, and we’re all really close considering the season is only three months. I feel like we’ve all been friends for three years. The relationship of the team is awesome and it really helps us win our games.


How have you seen yourself develop as a player this season?

This season I feel like I’ve developed a lot as a basketball player because it is my first season on varsity and being on varsity versus being on a JV or a freshman team makes you take it more seriously because it’s the hardest team and you play the best players. It’s definitely made me work harder because I want to compete with other girls from other schools. I want to try my best and because I’ve had that mindset, I’ve developed a lot as a player.


Why did you start playing your sport?

I’ve been playing basketball since I was young, six or eight maybe. People are always telling me ‘Oh, you’re so tall, you should play basketball,’ so I started playing because it looked like fun and I wanted to make friends.