PLAYER PROFILE: Bobby Stitt, boys diving

Karina Lorenzo, Staff Writer

If you could be any one of your teammates, who would you want to be and why?

Nick [Shlosman] because this is his fourth year on the diving team, so just following in those footsteps. If I could be anybody, I guess I would be him.


How would you describe the team and your relationship with them?

The diving is completely separated from swimming; it’s isolated. There are only three divers. My relationship with those guys is really close just because there are only three of us and who else would you talk to during the time being? They’re also cool guys.


If you could meet one famous athlete affiliated with diving, who would it be and why?

Probably a guy named Greg Louganis. He was an Olympian awhile back, and he wasn’t always an insanely good diver, but he just worked on it and kept on working on it. He eventually became really good. He also didn’t care about his scores or anything. He just wanted to actually do the sport and perform really well. He ended up being insanely good, but that mindset was really cool.   


What are some challenges that you have faced while playing your sport?

Probably mental difficulties that diving has. In diving, it’s not really physical because you’re only in the air for a couple seconds. So, just mentally being able to think about the dive and perform it while you’re in the air for a brief amount of time is very, very difficult to do.