Seniors continue to compete post graduation

Sofia Georgaklis, Sports Writing Editor

For most seniors, graduation means the end of high school and its many extracurriculars. This is not the case, however, for athletes who will be participating in the state postseason tournament, which takes place in June, after seniors have graduated.

Although qualifying for the state tournament cuts into their summers, many seniors are enthusiastic about the extension of their sports seasons.

Senior and boys varsity tennis captain Theo Tamayo said that his past experiences in the state tournament were positive. Tamayo believes seniors play a large leadership role on the team and that the team would suffer if they did not continue onto the tournament.

We’ve made the tournament every year I’ve been on the team,” Tamayo said. “We’ve had a senior on the team every year, and they always come back and keep playing after they graduate.”

Senior and boys varsity baseball captain Jack Levine says the state tournament is always a special and enjoyable experience.

“I would be very excited if our team were to make it,” Levine said. “That’s our goal, to be in playoffs.”

Levine said he liked the idea of his season being extended past the school year.

“It keeps you focused, because you no longer have to worry about school, only baseball,” Levine said.

Senior and girls varsity tennis captain Rachel Hechinger has participated in the state tournament for the past three years. Hechinger said she is excited to participate again this year, despite the extra stress it might add after the school year is over.

“It will be interesting this year,” Hechinger said. “I think it will be even more fun than in previous years because I will not be in school. I won’t be tired, so I can sleep in; I can do whatever I want, then focus only on tennis.”

While Tamayo said that he believes seniors shouldn’t be required to play post-graduation, Levine does.

“If you make the playoffs and it goes past the school year it should be a requirement, and I think you should want to continue,” Levine said.

Tamayo said he believes that his senior teammates will continue to play into the state tournament whether or not the high school makes it an official requirement.

Levine said he does not think staying motivated throughout the tournament will be difficult.

“We’re going to be all fired up,” Levine said. “It’s what we’ve been working for all season. It’s playoff time.”