Restaurant 108 Top Chef: Henry Shaffer

The arugula salad was a refreshing start to the meal, covered in walnuts, goat cheese, beets, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Jillian Goldstein, Staff Writer

It’s not every day that the high school gets to have a taste of something other than the cafeteria snacks or the classic Restaurant 108 meals. As the scent of inspiration flooded into the hallways, the restaurant began to fill with patrons.

On March 8, part two of the Top Chef competition took place, serving up a feast of French inspired delights. Sophomore chef Henry Shaffer competed for the title of Restaurant 108’s Top Chef.

A sign welcomed in teachers and students ready to dine on French cuisine. A menu showed diners the options for appetizers, entrées, a vegetarian option and desserts.

The arugula salad was a refreshing start to the meal, covered in walnuts, goat cheese, beets and balsamic vinaigrette. After trying this, anticipation was high for the entrée.

A steaming plate of “Pavés du Mail” (pan-fried steak) was brought out from the kitchen. The tender steak was accompanied by “pommes allumettes” (French fries). The roasted asparagus that the menu said came with the entrée was unfortunately absent.

Finally, a delicious chocolate mousse arrived. It was hard to decide between the chocolate mouse and the  crème brûlée. Covered in powdered sugar and shavings of dark chocolate, the mousse did not disappoint. It was the perfect way to end an authentically French meal.

Everyone present said that they experienced a delightful French lunch. The meal was a combination of hard work and thoughtful planning on Shaffer’s behalf.
One more competitor has yet to have their chance at the title of Top Chef. On March 29., 2016, junior chef Alex Ervin will be preparing a meal of soul food.