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Room 120 was the home for Feb.26 open mic. CONTRIBUTED BY NDARU KARTIKANINGSIH

Review: “LOVE mic” full of love and laughter

February 27, 2016

“You’re getting to be a habit of mine” by Peggy Lee plays over the speakers as the audience members filed into LOVE Mic, held Feb 26., 2016. Participants were asked to fill out a three question survey to pair them up with their “soulmate” for the night, and, after completing the questionnaire, headed to their seats.

Couches were arranged only two feet away from the performers, thus creating a very intimate experience. Decorative lights ran along the stage wall, and red lacquered drums and two microphones sat in the middle of the stage. A large grand piano sat, uncovered, off to the side. Two spotlights on the stage were the only light in the room.

Co-hosts of the even, seniors Tristan Geary and James Monaco, began their show by entertaining the audience and attempting to sell raffle tickets. Senior Noah Lindeman then proceeded to the stage to play “See the World” by Gomez on an acoustic guitar.

Next up came an ensemble of sophomores Talia Lanckton on vocals, Nathan Hazen on guitar, Sammy Davies on piano, and Ian Mitchell on bass. They performed “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis, and through laughing and communicating on stage they showed that they have great group chemistry. Lanckton shined on vocals with a sure and confident voice. The audience laughs and applauded as the group finished the song.

Throughout the night Monaco paired up people as “soulmates” based on their answers to the questionnaire. One pair was two people that had come to the event together, Monaco gave the pair a box of chicken broth for “luck for the newlyweds”.

The next act was senior Eddie Cipullo on the vocals, senior Neda Morakabati on drums, senior Tristan Geary on guitar and Sammy Davies on piano with performance of “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man” from the musical Show Boat. The audience snapped along while Davies played a solo on the piano.

Cipullo then transitioned to a slower-paced song and picked up his clarinet. Taking turns with the solos, the clarinet and piano had a conversation, while the guitar broke out more slowly. Geary was then replaced with band teacher Carolyn Castellano. The group sang “Ring of Keys” from the musical Fun Home.

The next act was senior Christiane Huang and senior Noah Lindeman performing “The Scientist” by Coldplay. Lindeman started the song by playing acoustic guitar and singing the first verse and Huang joined in at the start of the next verse. Together they created a unique harmony, a duet well matched.

Afterwards Huang soloed with some classical piano and then sang karaoke to “Under cover of Darkness” by The Strokes, her favorite band. Both acts brought energy to the stage and received a well earned round of applause.

The next performance was by Geary and senior Matija Jankovic,who played a duet on guitar and piano respectively. Geary sometimes kept the pick in his mouth and behind the black grand piano, Jankovic relaxed as he bent over the keys. The duo looked to one another when transitioning solos.

After, senior Hal Triedman and senior James Monaco played a song with Monaco on bass and Triedman on piano with a complex jazz ensemble. The audience applauded as the two exited the stage and Jankovic came back on to play an original song.

Jankovic’s simple melodies and powerful chords produced a lush and evocative composition with sounds that are timid then come out and become courageous to create one of the best love songs and performances of the night. Jankovic was engaged and swinging on the piano bench the entire time.

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