Breaking: Vick announces potential departure


Yoel Abulaf, News Layout Editor

On Feb. 22 African American and Latino Scholars Program Director Christopher Vick sent out an email to all of his students’ parents explaining that he might be leaving the high school at the end of this school year. Later, he announced the possibility in his classes.

Vick, who has worked at the high school for 13 years, applied for positions in Washington, D.C. and was named a finalist for the position of Manager for Teacher Recruiting and Retention within the D.C. public school system. Vick continues to be interviewed for potential posts.

According to Vick, as the Manager for Teacher Recruiting and Retention, he would strategize to appeal to potential candidates for positions in D.C. Vick would also strive to support the working teachers, encouraging them to return year after year to the school district.

“For the Manager for Teacher Recruiting and Retention position, I would be in charge of designing strategies to attract teachers to D.C. and talking to teachers that get selected to teach at public schools in D.C., which is awesome,” Vick said. “Similar to all the work I have been doing here to recruit to diversify our teaching staff, D.C is doing some awesome work in their public schools.”

According to Vick, the AALSP will continue to thrive, even without his direct presence. He said that he will do anything in his power to make sure that whoever takes over the job will be an outstanding candidate and will fit well within the program.

“I wouldn’t do a good job if I didn’t help this program transition to the next person who is going to take it to the next level,” Vick said. “I believe I have been a good tutor for this program, and I believe it is time for this new person to take charge of this program and run with it to do an even better job.”

Vick said that he will never forget the Brookline community.
“The vision is that I’m transitioning down to D.C., my home country, by the end of this school year,” Vick said. “I say transitioning, not leaving, because I am never leaving Brookline. I’ve only worked here. Brookline is my home, and I love the kids. So, I am not leaving, but I am transitioning into a new challenge in D.C.”