PLAYER PROFILE: Neda Morakabati, girls varsity volleyball

Ella Kitterman, Staff Writer

Noa Cutout
Photo provided Neda Morakabati.

What gets you pumped before a game?

The warm up and the music. I’m really into EDM and Trap. Beat drops really get me excited and good warm ups, like nice fast-paced warm ups, and everyone being into them really pumps me up.

Have you ever been tempted to quit for any reason?

Yes, last year I hurt my hand again. I hurt it and my coach played me while it was healing. Then after it was actually healed, she stopped playing me. The communication was off, and I didn’t know why I was being sat out. I was very emotional about it. I got really down on myself and I almost wanted to go down to JV so I could play. I was thinking that maybe I was not good enough to be on varsity.

How do you deal with losing?

I’m not very competitive in the sense that I don’t get too upset when we lose. I’m obviously like, “We’re going to win. I’m going to fight hard and stuff.” I usually don’t get too upset when we lose because I always think, “I know I’m going to play again.”

If you could be any professional athlete, who would it be and why?

I don’t know anyone’s names, but I would say that my favorite position to watch play in college volleyball is the setter because she’s everywhere. She’s always making decisions, wonderful plays, and always setting up plays. I think that the setter is really the MVP. I always think of the setter as the quarterback of volleyball.