Students seek change in second atrium sit-in

Leon Yang, Sports Writing Editor

Senior Donnaya Brown once again helped facilitate a sit-in event that was a continuation of a similar event last week. According to Brown, this week the focus is on getting feedback from students about the change that they hope to see at the high school.

“We’re focusing on what change means to us and what change looks at Brookline High School,” Brown said.

Brown said that she wants to get feedback from any student. “Priority lists” on the walls of the atrium allowed students to express change that they wished to see.

Brown said that she has plans for next week as well.

“Next week, we plan on doing something called “speed meeting,” which means getting to know each other and getting to celebrate our race, our gender, and everything about us,” Brown said.

The event will be held again in the atrium next Friday during F-Block.