Senior calls for action on race and equality in protest


Senior Donnaya Brown sits in protest in the atrium with juniors KeiAntey Gamble and Destiny David during C-block. Photo by Kendall McGowan/Sagamore staff.

Kendall McGowan, Managing News Editor


Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.34.15 PM
Brown provided a stack of these fliers to onlookers. Photo by Kendall McGowan/Sagamore staff.

Senior Donnaya Brown, who spoke at the school MLK assembly yesterday, is currently staging a protest in the atrium. She is holding a sign that reads “I’m waiting for change #weneedtoact,” and sitting in the center of the floor. A stack of fliers lie in front of her, and it says that she welcomes people to sit with her, or just stare and smile.

According to Brown, she has been there since the beginning of C-block and plans to stay there until the end of the day.