PLAYER PROFILE: Serena Smith, girls varsity basketball


Sam Klein

Freshman Serena Smith shoots against Boston Latin on Wed, Jan. 6. Sam Klein / Sagamore Staff.

Mia Abulaf, Staff Writer

What is your mindset before games? What gets you pumped?

I don’t really have a mindset, I rather keep my mind clear and focus on the game. What gets me pumped is basically my teammates cheering.


How would you describe the team and your relationship with your teammates?

My team, we’re very supportive of one another. They’re very welcoming since I’m the only freshman on varsity. They’ve welcomed me with open arms and that was really comforting because it was nerve-racking, being the only freshman.



How has this sport affected you as a person?

It’s taught me discipline and patience. Also it has opened me up to different experiences. I’ve gotten to travel to different places.  


What is your goal for the season?

My goal for the season is to expand my game. Try different things. Learn how to work with new people because I usually play with the same people. So try to open up and trust people.


If you could be one professional athlete who would you choose to be?

I can’t really just choose one. Most likely Stephen Curry.