Injury-plagued wrestling team falls to Walpole

Injury-plagued wrestling team falls to Walpole

Matt DeAngelo, Game Recap Writer

The boys wrestling team was defeated 7-1 by the Walpole Rebels on Tuesday night.

The one win came from Brookline’s final participant of the match, sophomore Atman Beril, who won 7-4.

The team was in a tough position as several members were inactive due to injury and that meant that it had some wrestlers who were at a disadvantage in terms of weight class in their fight.

“Our freshman had to wrestle against guys from upper weight classes because other wrestlers weren’t able to play,” junior captain Kamran Sakhitab said.

Head Coach Trevour Smith did not hang his team out to dry and believes his team will have more success once they get back to full strength.

“Once we get a full, healthy lineup, we should be a little better going down the road,” Smith said.

Smith is coaching a young team full of freshman and sophomores and is optimistic about his team’s future.

“We’re young, we’re learning, and we’re getting better and that’s why I’m still here,” Smith said. “I’m excited to be here and watch these guys grow.”