Girls basketball prevails in convincing victory over Boston Latin

Reeham Choudhury, Sports Layout Editor

On Wed, Jan. 6, the girls varsity basketball had an overwhelming victory against the Boston Latin Wolfpack, winning 51-35 and improving their record to 1-4.

Senior Olivia Mosquera said that part of the team’s success came from better playing.

“As a team, we played some really good defense, and we had a lot of people come out and shine in different ways,” Mosquera said. “We’ve had a positive attitude all season, but I think that yesterday our concentration and hard work really paid off. We all feel really good about that.”

With the help of junior Liz Dumas and freshman Serena Smith on offense, the Warriors maintained a substantial lead throughout the game.

After a slow start to the first quarter, senior Noa Dalzell scored the first points, ending the stalemate. The Warriors led 10-4 after the first quarter. Sophomore Seren Huggins helped the Warriors maintain their lead with four points.

The second quarter picked up in speed. Sophomore Ari Contente had six points. 3-point shots by Smith and senior Ashanti Syed gave the Warriors a 26-14 lead by the end of the half.

The Warriors only increased their lead throughout the rest of the game. The third quarter was a series of back-to-back plays by both teams, each responding to the other team’s attack. Junior Liz Dumas had a series of notable plays, including a steal followed by a successful fast break.

Sam Klein / Sagamore Staff

The fourth quarter started off with more 3-pointers by the Warriors and a few other successful plays. By the end of the game, the match died down in excitement as Boston Latin failed to catch up in the end.

Mosquera attributed this victory to a mastery of team chemistry by the team.

“At first, we definitely felt like we could win our first two games, but it was hard to start off, because we had a lot of new players,” Mosquera said. “I think we just really got the momentum now. We’ve been working really hard at practices, and supporting each other, and I think it’s really starting to pay off.”

The Warriors will face Weymouth on Friday, Jan. 8.

Mosquera said that from this point on, the team can expect more wins in the future.

“I think that things fell together,” Mosquera said. “We’ve had ups and downs, but I think that now, it will just continue to go upward.”