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Senior photos signify individuality, last days of high school

January 11, 2016


Sam Klein / Sagamore Staff

Senior Shams Mohajerani photographs seniors Hal Triedman, Lea Churchill, Kazuto Nishimori and Evan Baker after taking their individual senior pictures in Amory park.

Being a senior at the high school comes with a lot of responsibilities: difficult classes, college applications and after school commitments, but one task that is often overlooked is taking a senior portrait. With so many ways to go about getting the perfect photo, this process is anything but a quick flash of a camera.

Seniors at the high school have to make the decision of either getting their photo taken by the school or submitting their own photo from an outside source.

For senior Nina Levine, it took more than just one photographer to get the shot.

“I got it taken twice, one by the school and one by my friends. My mom made me do the school portrait one and my friends all wanted to do pictures together,” Levine said.

Senior Hannah Skoff got her pictures taken outside of school by professional photographer Jim Webber.

“He was my elementary and middle school class picture photographer and he took pictures of my Bat Mitzvah,” said Skoff.

Senior Hannah Skoff's senior picture was taken professionally by photographer Jim Webber. According to Skoff, senior pictures represent one's best self at the time taken. PHOTO BY JIM WEBBER PHOTOGRAPHY
Senior Hannah Skoff’s senior picture was taken professionally by photographer Jim Webber. According to Skoff, senior pictures represent one’s best self at the time taken. PHOTO BY JIM WEBBER PHOTOGRAPHY

Senior Hannah Baker-Lerner was in a group of fellow seniors who all needed their pictures taken. After choosing a photographer, seniors then organized a photo shoot, which involved picking a time that satisfied the schedule of everyone involved.

“Because we had kind of a larger group of people, I think we had five people who needed their pictures taken and one photographer so we all had to figure out a time when our schedules would meet up,” Baker-Lerner said.

The next step in creating their senior portrait was to find a great location for the background of the photo. Baker-Lerner and her friends went to two locations in order to have a perfect backdrop.

“We went out to South Brookline first. My friends Sofia and Ivy had scouted out this fancy looking door inside the Dexter School, so we took some pictures there. Then we walked over to Larz Anderson Park and we took some shots with the trees and the water,” said Baker- Lerner.

Senior Maeve Kelly said finding a perfect outfit was a very difficult aspect of getting ready for her portrait.

“Getting ready was probably the hardest part. Picking what you wear is so hard. It’s going to represent you for the rest of your life, so if you wear something stupid, people are going to look back and be like ‘Oh my God, she wore that wicked ugly sweater!’” Kelly said.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 6.08.40 PM
Senior Hannah Baker-Lerner had her senior photo taken in the park with friends. Baker-Lerner said that she was not stressed about having to look perfect, because she was having a fun and relaxing time. PHOTO BY SOFIA TONG

According to Levine, the next step in the journey of finding the perfect senior photo is picking “the one” out of possibly hundreds of pictures.

“You look through all of them, you automatically delete the ones you don’t like and then you go through it and ask your friends if they like them, and you edit them,” said Levine.

Although this process might be a lot of work, senior portraits represent more than just a cute picture.

Baker-Lerner said that getting her photo taken was special not only because of the product, but because she can also remember spending time with her friends.
“All of these people are friends that I’ve made throughout high school and now that we’ve known each other for four years, we all took pictures together and it kind of feels like a culmination of our friendship,” Baker-Lerner said.

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