ROM: Chestnut Hill Restaurant

Penelope Cruz, Staff Writer

We arrived and took a seat on the plush bar stools. The blue walls covered with pictures and paintings, reinforced the feeling of a local, homey restaurant. A smiling waitress brought over a menu. As we browsed through our brunch options, we heard the quiet chatter of the people around us.

The Chestnut Hill Restaurant’s diner theme, paired with the American style menu, creates a very casual and welcoming atmosphere.

For this reason, the Chestnut Hill Restaurant is a hidden gem for people in the Brookline area looking to grab a bite to eat. Located at 616 Hammond Street, off Route 9, the restaurant is easily accessible for those who aren’t driving, as it is walking distance from the Chestnut Hill T-stop.   

The restaurant’s menu consists of mainly breakfast foods, so we tried the Western Omelette with onions and cheese ($6.50) and the Eastern Omelette with bell peppers and cheese ($6.50). Each omelette comes with a choice of hashbrowns or home fries and a choice of toast.

The home fries were highly seasoned such that they were savory, but also gave the slightest hint of a spicy flavor.

An interesting contrast to the American style fare is the boba tea. The flavors include strawberry, chocolate and chai tea as well as others all for $3. Although the boba tea may seem out of place in the restaurant’s environment, the chewy bobas paired well with the sweet flavor of the drinks. The best part of the boba tea was its affordability, one would normally have to pay $5 or $6 at a different restaurant for a beverage of the same size.

The staff added to the welcoming atmosphere, showing their dedication to ensuring we enjoyed our time at the Chestnut Hill Restaurant. The minute we were seated in the restaurant, a waitress came over with a menu. Our food was also served quickly, around 10 minutes.

We gave the Chestnut Hill Restaurant three stars for their good customer service and the tasty, affordable dishes. The Chestnut Hill Restaurant is an ideal place to go for a quick bite to eat without the hassle of a stuffy, formal environment.