2015 Winter Sports Preview

Ben Mandl and Bertina Xue



Head Coach: Steve Trundle

Captain: junior Brian Greenstein

Last Year’s Record: 10-6-2

The boys hockey team finished their 2014-2015 season with a 10-6-2 record. Returning players juniors Eli Hopkins and Colby Ferrigno said there are a lot of young players who add to the team’s chemistry.

“We’ve had a lot of participation. There are a lot of underclassmen who are new to the team and haven’t played in the program,” Ferrigno said. “I think they have a lot of potential. I believe there are a lot of guys who have been playing together for a long time and they have a lot of good chemistry.”

According to Hopkins and Ferrigno, the team’s goals for the coming season are to score more goals, have more goal scorers, win the first round of the playoffs, and play more complete games.

“We really need to learn to play complete games,” Ferrigno said. “Last year we always had a few strong periods and then a few weak periods, and that was where we gave up games. We need to be able play more consistently.”

Sophomore Julia Kibrick. Photo provided by Julia Kibrick.


Head Coach: Meg Lloyd

Captains: Lucy Battite, Abby Hryniewicz, Emily Visco (Newton South)

Last Year’s Record: 1-16-0

The girls hockey team finished their 2014-2015 season with a 1-16-0 record. According to returning player sophomore Julia Kibrick, there are many new players on the team who are freshmen.

Kibrick said that the captains’ practices are fun and very early in the mornings.

“We just scrimmage most of the time. We have captains’ practice together with Newton South,” Kibrick said. “You would think it’s really weird [combining with Newton South] because of social groups, but we actually really get along well as a team.”

Kibrick said that the team must learn from last year and work on communicating and focusing.

“I think we need to work on communicating more, working better as a team and having a lot more focus,” Kibrick said. “[My personal goal is] to become more of a leader because I take hockey extremely seriously.”

Kibrick said she expects to have fun, meet some new people and enjoy playing hockey in the new season.

Junior captain Kamran Sakhitab. Photo by Bertina Xue.


Head Coach: Trevour Smith

Captains: juniors Kamran Sakhitab and Carson Murphy

Last Year’s Record: 2-13

The wrestling team finished their 2014-2015 season with a 2-13 record. Returning wrestler junior Kamran Sakhitab said that the team’s goal for the upcoming season is to start winning more matches and to fill up weight classes.

“We’ve had preseason practices where coach [Trevour] Smith comes in. He pretty much comes in every day,” Sakhitab said. “The varsity wrestlers from last year sort of brought everything through with organizing and they teach the new wrestlers how to do things.”

According to Sakhitab, the team spends time working out and doing drills during the captain’s practices.

“We do a lot of strenuous exercise and a lot of drills so that way when it comes to the six minute match we’ll be fruitful,” Sakhitab said. 


Head Coach: Michael Glennon

Captain(s): Seniors Noah Kortkamp, Jeff Santos, Zach Leonard and Noah Lindeman

Last Year’s Record: 4-2

According to senior captain Noah Kortkamp, the boys indoor track team looks to be competitive and to perform well at the relay meet this season. Kortkamp also has eyes on larger goals.

“Another goal, our 4×2, we’re probably going to be pretty competitive, so we’d like to go to Nationals for that,” Kortkamp said.

According to Kortkamp, although the nucleus of the team is made up of seniors, who help create a community within the team, the numerous athletes in lower grades will be able to carry the team into the future.

“We had a huge freshman class, so I hope they [the freshman] can help spur along the team,” Kortkamp said. “I think they’ll be fine.”



Coaches: Head Coach Lee Eddy and Distance Coach Mike DeYoung

Captains: Seniors Priscilla Chung, Sydney Solemn, Emma Larrabee and Rae Swordstrom

Last year, the girls indoor track team had a successful year, sending their relay team, along with a couple of individuals, to All-States. Their goal for this year, according to sophomore Clarice Pertel, is to become more of a team. The team is striving to become more cohesive as a team and to perform even better this year than they did last.

“That’s our main goal,” Pertel said. “Really being supportive of one another and watching all the events, and really being a team.”


Junior Natasha Rinnig. Photo provided by Natasha Rinnig.


The girls gymnastics team won a single meet last year. According to junior Natasha Rinnig, there will possibly not be a gymnastics team this winter because there is no longer a coach.

“Our coaches from last year work at a gymnastics gym daily,” Rinnig said. “The head coach has more classes that she’s doing at that gym, so she does not have time to coach our team this year.”

Rinnig said the athletic department will only hire a coach if a certain amount of people sign up for the sport. Rinnig also said that the team’s focus last year was to have solid scorers in gymnastic meets.

“In gymnastics, six people compete in each event and four of the scores count,” Rinnig said. “Our goal was to have four solid scorers going into each event because in the past we haven’t had four solid scorers. I think last year we were able to do that. We also focused on getting past the basics and doing more competitive stuff.”


Head Coaches: Meaghan Cells and Sheeni Amatucci

Captains: sophomore Tiara Ranson and senior Ashley Rocker

The cheerleading team is trying to get a bit fancier this year. According to sophomore Tiara Ranson, the team is attempting to perform more complex acts. The team is going to try and have cleaner motions for an overall better performance.

“Our stunting skills are more developed, and we have a better idea of what we’re doing,” Ranson said.

Senior Ronan Schwartz. Photo by Petra Huang.


Captains: seniors Ronan Schwarz, Edmund Geschickter, Tavian Morrison

Coaches: Head Coach Luke Day and Assistant Coach Steve Matthews

Last Year’s Record: 15-8

The boys basketball team had a 15-8 record last year, which was their best record in a couple of years, and was good enough to get them into the playoffs.

“We ended up losing in the second round of the playoffs but we overall had a pretty successful year,” captain senior Ronan Schwarz said.

This year could be difficult, however, due to a lack of returning players. However, Schwarz thinks that the team will do well regardless.

“I think we could do really well and go pretty far into the playoffs,” he said.



Captains: seniors Alicia Landry and Noa Dalzell

Coaches: Allyson Toney and Mark Wheeler

Last Year’s Record: 7-13

Despite an impressive roster, the girls basketball team fell three games short from qualifying for the playoffs.

“There were highs and lows of our season,” senior Olivia Mosquera said. “This year, they plan on being a different type of team.“

“We’re going to be a very fast team. We’re not going to be as tall, but definitely very fast,” she said.

The team has been doing crossfit training to get ready for the upcoming season, and will face some challenging teams at its onset. Mosquera thinks that the team will be ready for those games.

“If our mindset is in the right place, and we are able to bring it together, I have no doubt that we are going to start off on a really good note,” she said.


Head Coach: Cody Tipton

Captains: Michael Levin, Stratton Pagounis, David Knopov, Nick Shlosman

Last Year’s Record: 6-2

Captain senior Stratton Pagounis says that the upcoming year should be similar to previous ones.

“All the years I’ve known the team, we’ve all strived to become better swimmers, and this year is no different,” Pagounis said.

This year, however, the team is training harder than before. Pagounis says that he is looking forward to this year not only because of the sport, but also because of his teammates.  

“For the years I’ve known people, they all seemed like good people, reliable teammates, and are some of my most trusted friends,” Pagounis said. “So, I have all the confidence we are going to be even better this year.”


Sophomore Fiona Lobon. Photo provided by Fiona Lobon.


Head Coaches: Adam Wolf and Anya Eckhardt

Captains: Seniors Jeremy Noel, Will Neubauer and Morgan Browning

Last year, the ski team sent three of its members to the state tournament, which was more than in previous years.

“It was a fairly young team, and people did well despite that,” sophomore Fiona Lobon said.

The plan for this coming year is to get more experience before the season.

“We are going to work hard, and train in December by running and getting ready for January and February,” Lobon said.