Player Profile: Emma Ewas, girls varsity field hockey

Sascha Wolf-Sorokin, Staff Writer

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Photo provided by Emma Ewas

What professional athlete in field hockey do you admire most and why?

I met Rachel Dawson when I was a freshman. She’s on the U.S. women’s olympic team and I admire her a lot because she’s so strong and she works so hard. I’ve seen her practice and she just puts 100 percent into what she does and it’s so cool.

What are some challenges that you faced playing field hockey?

During the season I play seven days a week and I play year-round, so it’s a really big time commitment. And since I am trying to go D1 or trying to play in college, it takes up so much of my time, and the recruiting process is just crazy. Sometimes I just have to take a break and just relax because I get so wrapped up in it.

What was your goal for this season?

Well, this year I was captain, so just trying to be a captain I guess. For me, my goal was trying to help other people, trying to help other people on the team, advance their skill and just try to be a good captain all-around.

How does friendship affect your team for the high school?

We want to make it as a family. my club team I am so close with all of the girls and we’re with each other so much. But, for BHS I feel like we need to work on getting rid of the cliques, because I know that is a problem with a lot of sports here and I think we want to try and fix that next year.

How do you think playing field hockey has affected you as an individual?

I think it’s affected me in good and bad ways sometimes, but mostly good. Because sometimes, I spend so much time thinking about field hockey and I also need to balance my schoolwork, which is kind of hard sometimes. But, I do field hockey because I love it so much and my passion for it is so big. I do it because I love the sport, not just because I am trying to get into college for it.

How did you become interested in field hockey?

My mom played when she was in high school. And, I played soccer in middle school for a little bit, but then I thought something had to change and I didn’t like soccer very much. I really wanted to do something that my mom did. I wanted to be like her; I think it was in seventh grade when I started playing . I really wanted to be like my mom and do something that she was good at too and kind of follow in her footsteps, so that’s how I got started.