Player Profile: Charlie Widing, boys varsity soccer

Sascha Wolf-Sorokin, Staff Writer


Photo provided by Verda Abulaf

If you could be any one of your teammates who would you be and why?

I’d be Edmund because he’s a really good leader.


What professional athlete in soccer do you admire most and why?

I would go with Wayne Rooney because he’s very talented but still plays well with his team, and his team feeds off of his energy.


Does the high school have someone that you think symbolizes him?

I think Elijah because he’s a very talented athlete and makes everybody else he’s playing with that much better.


What is your mindset before games?

Our mindset going into games is usually just to play our game and to not worry about the other aspects of the game, the crowd and the other team, but just to focus on what we need to do to win.


What was your goal for this season?

My goal was to emerge as a natural leader on the field and also for the entire team to really work together to become a good team and make it farther in the tournament than last year.


How does friendship affect your team?

We’re all really close. We love spending time with each other, which means we have a really good bond. We are really close, which means we don’t want to let anybody down and we work well together.


What is your favorite memory from soccer?

Probably when we had the home playoff game. When Elijah scored his goal we all went up and hugged him and it was a really awesome experience and really fun.


How did you become interested in soccer?

My entire family has played soccer so it’s kind of natural that I picked it up. And then I just started to like the game. A lot of my role models played soccer, so I followed in their footsteps.