Networking Night promotes a more diverse staff


Dr.Vick from the African American and Latino Scholars program, speaks about Brookline High School at the diversity recruiting event held at the Golden Temple on Beacon St.

Tuo Ji, Business Manager

“I want to make Brookline High School, not just the best high school in the country, but the best high school in the galaxy.”

With that ended Christopher Vick’s speech. Vick is the director of the African American & Latino Scholars program, and was the first speaker at the Educators of Color Networking Night at the Golden Temple on Dec. 1.

The Educators of Color Networking Night was a banquet held by the high school and organized by Hiring for Diversity in Brookline. The group, who is trying to bring more educators of color to the high school, includes teachers, department heads, guidance counselors and administrators.

According to the US News and World Report, the high school is 40 percent students of color. However, only 9 percent of staff identify as people of color. According to Vick, many students graduate without ever being taught by a teacher of color.

In an effort to match the faculty population with the student population, Hiring for Diversity in Brookline organized Networking Night to persuade prospective educators of color to apply for jobs in the high school. Speakers included Vick, Guidance Counselor Jeanette Lindor, English Teacher Jenee Ramos and other faculty members. The prospective educators of color, who attended on an invitational basis, were then able to network with one another and current high school administrators and faculty.

“It [the disparity between faculty and student populations] is a huge issue,” said Leteefah Franck, an educator of color at the event. “Staff should reflect the world, the world is made up of many different people of color, so that students are able to see themselves and see others types of people in prominent positions.”