Player Profile: Thea Charles-Moon, girls varsity swimming

Sascha Wolf-Sorokin, Staff Writer

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If you could be anyone of your teammates who would you be and why?

Valentina Rojas. She’s so dedicated and so fast. She’s really inspiring. Everyday she comes in, she works hard, and it shows off in her meets.

What’s your mindset before meets?

I like to just be alone. A lot of swimmers, when they’re behind the block, just like to be alone and kind of get in their zone because it’s such a mental sport and it’s just you and the clock really. Before the meet, it’s just about focusing and thinking about what you want to happen once you hit the water.

What was it like being a captain?

It was awesome. I think it was different to be thrown in and have to just deal with things on the spot and kind of pick up from whatever anyone else was doing. And, kind of dealing with everybody and being the connection between my coach and my teammates and hearing everything. So, it was a lot different than it was last year and the past, but I really liked it. I liked being able to step up and lead my team.

What’s your favorite memory from swimming?

Last year or the year before, I was really, really close to making a Sectionals cut, and then I made it at the last chance that I could make it. And then I hopped out, and my teammates were there and they were just so excited for me. That was one of the best memories.

How do you think swimming has affected you as an individual?

It’s helped me kind of become more focused and independent because it’s really just you and the clock. Being able to support myself and motivate myself to do whatever, whether it’s school work or just life, is what I have gotten from swimming.

How did you become interested in swimming?

My brother did it when he was seven, so I was four and I just watched him and copied him. So my mom put me into swimming and I was really, really bad, but then I kept practicing and I got better.