Powderpuff 2015: Game Recap


The Seniors celebrate their victory. Sam Klein / Sagamore staff

Mia Abulaf, Staff Writer


As if four consecutive wins weren’t enough, the senior class managed to achieve glory for red once again at the annual Powderpuff game on Wednesday, Nov. 25. Though both teams entered the game with enthusiasm and spirit, the red seniors proved their dominance over the blue juniors in a convincing 26-0 victory.

Coming into the game, the seniors were confident that they would emerge victorious, while the juniors worried about the strengths of the red team. Though blue proved resilient at times, as seen in a goalline stand near the end of the game, red produced all the scoring in the contest.

The red team was led by seniors Olivia Mosquera, Sydney Solem, Brooke Overton and Nora Bayer, who each scored a touchdown.The blocking of the team was tremendous, which allowed running backs to break free for substantial gains. Red utilized deception in their running game, running double reverse plays that confused the struggling blue defense.

Blue’s offense sputtered at times, as the ferocious red defense pounced on any ball carrier. Blue was also affected with failed snaps, which put a stop to offensive drives.

The game culminated with a final red touchdown. The red fans, consisting of sophomores and seniors, went wild as the red players rushed to the stands in celebration.

Mosquera said that the win was a great way to kick of her senior year. Red has maintained their winning streak since her freshman year at the high school.

“It has been a really good winning streak for the red squad,” she said.

Mosquera attributed the red team’s success to the team’s experience and victory last year.

“Last year, we learned how to play football pretty well,” Mosquera said, “and beating the seniors last year gave us a lot of confidence for this year. We came to practices this year with the previous knowledge of how to play and we got right into it. We all knew our positions and we all worked very hard. We conditioned a lot.”

This conditioning clearly paid off, as the team maintained their dominance and prevailed over blue once again. This year’s junior class must look to next year in order to finally break its losing streak.