Vigil held for Paris in Boston Common

Jason Altshuler, Staff Writer

Bostonians gathered for a vigil this Sunday at the Boston Commons in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night.

The event, organized by the French Consulate in Boston, began at noon. The procession started at the Parkman Bandstand in Boston Common, where Consul General of France in Boston Valéry Freland spoke and asked for a moment of silence in honor of the deceased.

A few minutes later, the crowd moved to the LaFayette Place Mall. Surrounding the Marquis de Lafayette Plaque, attendees stood and some placed flowers, candles and flags on the ground in front of the plaque.

The mood was somber. Some people cried, while others held up posters or took pictures. French could be heard being spoken throughout the group. Twice, the crowd spontaneously sang a poignant rendition of the French National Anthem, “La Marseillaise”, and clapped.

At the gathering, people carried signs that said things such as “Je Suis France”, “Pray for France”, and “Not Afraid.” In addition, many held French flags.

At the plaque, Freland thanked everyone who had come, and walked around shaking attendees’ hands and thanking them individually.