ROM: Pineapple Thai


Mia Abulaf, Staff Writer

From the moment we walked in to Pineapple Thai, the experience was remarkable. At around 8 p.m., we stood in Brookline’s new take-out restaurant and waited for our food. Pineapple Thai, which is located on 6 Cypress St, gives customers the option of either take-out or delivery.

There were cheery yellow walls and the kitchen was visible behind the counter, along with a large menu written on a chalkboard. In spite of the fact that the restaurant itself might have seemed uninviting due to its lack of tables and chairs, the food and experience was a delight.

The staff were kind and welcoming. When we went up to order our food, we were greeted warmly by the manager, who took our orders swiftly. The wait time for the food was around eight minutes, but the free Wi-Fi helped to pass the time as we waited.

Unfortunately, the restaurant had run out of Fried Tofu ($5.95), which they described as the restaurant’s special. To compensate, they offered us the Thai Roll ($5.95) at half price and their generosity was much appreciated. The Thai Roll was a crunchy and impressive appetizer, and it came with a sweet and sour sauce, which was missing the “sour” element. However, the rolls did not necessarily require the additional flavor.

The rest of the food was cooked excellently. Portions were the ideal size for a single person. Flavorful, crispy, tender Pad Thai with Crispy Chicken ($10.99) was the group favorite. Pad Thai is the name of the dish classically served in more casual restaurants in Thailand. These stir-fried rice noodles was the dish that we thought Pineapple Thai mastered.

The Pineapple Fried Rice ($8.95) was an explosion of exciting flavors. Though we felt that the cost was high compared to the other dishes, they included more meat with the dish. Regrettably, the amount of pineapple was disappointing; we had been expecting more than four pieces, but the well cooked rice made up for it. Another highlight was the Pad Prik-Khing, which is a type of Thai curry that is drier than other curries since it is fried in oil instead of liquid coconut milk ($10.95), perfect for people who love spicy food.

Pricing for most plates was reasonable and inexpensive. Pineapple Thai earned 4 stars from us. Though we did critique some smaller details, overall, we enjoyed the meal, and it was clear that everyone was excited to go back.