Student Hangs Up Posters To Critique Inter-Department Communication

Sara Hogenboom, News Writing Editor

By Sara Hogenboom

Q: What prompted you to make this poster?


A: The point of this is there is a lack of communication between the departments. I think it is a main source of the problems we see here. I mean stress related to finals is unavoidable because you know it is the end of the year, but if a certain class is having finals early, then maybe scheduling an essay that overlaps with that time isn’t the greatest thing for another teacher to do. But then again, how would they know which kids are taking that particular class? It’s not really something that can be fixed easily.


Q: Did you have an ideal outcome when you put up these posters?


A: No, I also think it is meant to be sort of funny. At least I think it is funny. Obviously there is a bit more communication between departments than this. They know when finals are for the other projects, and the other departments are aware of the big research paper for freshmen. So this is more for little things.


Q: Where did the confidence of putting your name on it come from?


A: I think I thought that first of all, I don’t want to be hiding from what I wrote. Especially since people probably saw me putting them up, so then it’s like I am trying to hide from it even though people know I put it up. I thought about that and thought if people know I am the one who put them up, I might as well put my name on it.


Q: Has any of your teachers or maybe fellow students talked to you about it?


A: Well Ms. Hunt, my Social Studies teacher from last year, really likes it. I think she has a copy in her classroom. My band teacher has a copy as well.


Q: Do you have anything to say to people that say it is offensive?


A: A lot of cartoons exaggerate what they are trying to express, or you won’t really get the message that they are trying to send. I mean if you look at the walls, it is not really a physical wall it just represents communication between the departments.


Q: Has your opinion changed now that you are a sophomore?
A: I know that while they might not like that situation, it is not something that can be easily resolved by enacting a statute by legislature or something like that. If it can be resolved, I guess it will be bit by bit.