Community reacts to Columbus Day

Lizzy Filine, Arts Writing Editor

Freshman Emily Jacobus

What does Columbus day weekend make you think of?

“It makes me think of Christopher Columbus discovering America, but I’m sure it was discovered before that.”

How do you feel about Columbus Day?

“I like it because it’s a nice break from school, but I really don’t think it means much.”  Dean of Students Anthony Meyer

How do you feel about Columbus Day?

“My nine year old asked me yesterday about Columbus, and I said there were two very different stories of Columbus. One that I learned growing up was that he was this great explorer that discovered America and the second narrative, which I think has emerged more over the past several years, is as somebody that came over in a land that was already discovered and had very objectionable, wrong perspectives about the indigenous people. I think that that one is more accurate, to be honest.”How do you feel about Columbus Day?

“Columbus Day, I see it as a day of infamy. Because it’s like celebrating this guy, Christopher Columbus who came to America and murdered all these Native Americans, deceiving them and stealing their property. But it’s not only a day of infamy but also a day of remembrance, which not a lot of people do because Native Americans these days are not really well-known. They’re not really cared for.”