Annual Art Gala showcases student artwork for good cause


Junior Noam Fink and senior Alana Meyers painted henna at the gala.

Izzy Meyers, Editor-in-chief


Social justice clubs “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” and “Art for Rosie’s Place” joined forces to host the annual BHS Art Gala on Thursday.

Founder of “Art for Rosie’s Place” and co-organizer of the gala senior Judy Liu said the gala aims to support the organizations Rosie’s Place and the Brookline Emergency Food Pantry.

“This year the purpose is to raise awareness of food insecurity in Brookline and Boston communities,” Liu said. “Later, a woman from the Brookline Food Pantry will come to talk about the issues that Brookline faces with unequal food access and food insecurity. Also, with Rosie’s Place, it’s a Boston based women’s food pantry and homeless shelter.”

For co-organizer Alana Meyers, the event fuses social justice with exposure to great student artwork. She said one of her favorite parts of hosting the gala is seeing the wide variety of work on display.

“It’s really cool when people can get together for a common interest, especially in various forms of art,” Meyers said. “The best thing is that you don’t know what kind of art you are going to find.”

Entrance fees and 50 percent of  money made from art sales will go to the two causes. Liu said besides just raising money, the gala also provides a great opportunity for student artists to show their work and know they are contributing to a good cause.

“It’s really beautiful how they combine art with such a social justice cause,” Liu said. “You can admire art and know the proceeds are going to a very social justice oriented event.”

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