Architect and designer hold meeting to discuss building expansion concepts

by Chris Bell

An open meeting was held Monday to discuss potential solutions to the high school’s impending student boom. Designers and architects described general ideas for a future building construction. They stressed that no decisions have been made yet.

Educational planner Philip Poinelli and design architect Alex Pitkin  said the first course of action is to define the problem. A projected rise of 486 students over the next five years would raise the school’s population from 1,802 students to 2,288 students. By the school year 2024-2025, the school’s population is projected to have risen to 2,600 students. An estimated 24 more classrooms are needed within the next ten years to sustain 2,600 students, according to the Public Schools of Brookline.

Potential solutions discussed include building science classrooms in the Schluntz gymnasium building and moving all physical education classrooms over to the Tappan gymnasium. Other ideas include building another school or building up from the existing quadrangle.

The presenters said a Powerpoint presentation on the subject would be available on the town’s website in the coming days.

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