Game of the Week: Brookline-Newton South girls varsity hockey drops one to Springfield Cathedral

IMG_3761On Feb. 11, girls varsity ice hockey, ranked 36 in Division 1, suffered a three point loss, 4-1, against Springfield Cathedral, ranked 27 in Division 2.

The team played very well over the majority of the first period. Senior Morgan Woods, goalie, blocked many shots on goal and secured the puck on many of those shots.  The game was evenly matched until Springfield Cathedral scored the first point with 3:55 left on the clock, pulling ahead 1-0 at the end of the first period.

The second period began with the two teams shouting “Eagles!” and “Warrior-Lions.” Striving to recover their deficit, the team went on the offensive and kept the puck on the opponent’s half for much of the period.

However, Springfield Cathedral scored their second goal with 6:27 left in period 2, bringing the score to 2-0.  Newton South-Brookline senior Sonja Klumpp responded, scoring a power-play goal off of the assist by junior Abby Hryniewicz and freshman Julia Kibrick, fully taking advantage of the opponent being a player down.

The second period ended with Springfield ahead by two goals, 3-1, and the Warrior-Lions needing a spark to comeback from the deficit.

The third period began with the coach emphasizing more on teamwork and support when team members engaged in battles over the puck. The team still seemed very optimistic and believed that they could recover the deficit within the 15-minute period.

Senior Morgan Woods made the play of the game as she blocked three consecutive shots on goal by Springfield Cathedral, deflecting the first two attempts and securing the puck after the third.

The game accelerated with 14 shots on goal in the first half of period three.  However, Springfield Cathedral broke through the team’s defense with 5:06 left on the clock, securing the 4-1 victory.

Despite the Warrior-Lions falling 4-1 to the Eagles, the crowd cheered loudly as the teams slid past each other giving out high-fives.

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