Player Profile: Oliver Priebe, boys soccer

Sara Hogenboom, Staff Writer



Q: How have you seen yourself change as a player this year?

A: I’ve really had to change from a young player who sat on the bench freshman year, into a consistent player who has had to consistently play and take on a leadership role on the field.

Q: What transformed you into a consistent player? 

A: I’ve really had to work on my composure, because the game moves really fast. If you pay attention to a bad touch, you’ll just spiral into bad form and keep making mistakes.

Q: What are your goals as a player this year? 

A: My goals as a player I don’t think are really relevant. As a team, we should try to go further in the playoffs than we did last year and really just put a good effort in.

Q: What did you do to train during the offseason?

A: Obviously, I worked on all my different skill sets but during the off season I really worked on staying composed during games, as I’ve said, because that is something I really need to work on. It’s really easy to get nervous during games, and when you’re nervous, it’s really easy to make mistakes. So, if you keep your nerves down, you will be a better player in general.

Q: How would you describe the atmosphere of the team?

A: The whole team is really motivated, and now that we have made the playoffs, we’re really trying to focus and hone all of our skills so that we can have a strong playoff run.

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