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Kako Yamada and boyfriend

Senior Kako Yamada met her boyfriend in a history class freshman year. They have been dating for 10 months, although they have been friends for over two years. They try to spend as much time together as possible, especially on weekends.

“We go to Anna’s Taqueria and we walk around a lot. We also watch movies sometimes, but mostly we just talk. We don’t really feel like we have to do stuff,” Yamada said.

She thinks that relationships can be a distraction for teenagers but feels like the positives outweigh the negatives. According to Yamada, it is special to have someone that can help cope with the chaos and drama of high school.

Senior Kako Yamada

Senior Kako Yamada

Cameron Greve and Tamara Snogren

Sophomore Cameron Greve met his girlfriend, Tamara Snogren, at a One Direction concert. Tamara goes to a private school called Boston Trinity Academy, which, according to Greve, makes it hard for them to see each other often. When they do, it is extra special.

Greve’s favorite thing about Snogren is her kindness. He said that she is always trying to help others, including him.

He feels like dating generally brings a sense of hope to the couple as long as they are loving and supportive of each other.

“I don’t know how exactly to explain it, but it’s a feel-good sensation,” Greve said.

Sophomore Cameron Greve

Sophomore Cameron Greve

Erik Nakamura and Margaret Hanson

“It makes life a lot easier. It’s not complicated. You’re with one person. You don’t have to try hard and impress other girls and stuff like that, you just have to be yourself,” sophomore Erik Nakamura said.

Nakamura and his girlfriend, sophomore Margaret Hanson, have been dating for two years. They first met in 3rd grade at Lincoln School.

Although, according to Hanson, they fight a lot over stupid things, they both agreed that they get over it fairly easily because they try not to take anything too seriously.

Sophomore Erik Nakamura

Sophomore Erik Nakamura

Emma Staff and Evan Legere

Sophomores Emma Staff and Evan Legere have been dating for around six months. They first met last year in physics class and later had health and fitness together. They became friends but that quickly blossomed into a romantic relationship over a few weeks.

According to Legere, his favorite thing about Staff is that she laughs at his jokes. He also said that the mutual humor helps to make their relationship last.

Staff believes that there is nothing wrong with dating during the teenage years.

“People will say things like, ‘Oh you’re too young,’ but I don’t think that matters at all,” Staff said.


Sophomores Emma Staff and Evan Legere

Sophomores Emma Staff and Evan Legere

Arielle Knight and Josh Lepson

Seniors Arielle Knight and Josh Lepson met for the first time a few years ago, first becoming friends and then starting to date more recently. According to Lepson, they simply like hanging out with each other. They also like to go on occasional dinner dates and watch movies on the weekend.

Knight’s favorite quality in Lepson is that he is opinionated and not scared to stand up for what he believes in. She also generally enjoys being in a relationship.

“Being in a relationship means you have someone to support you and someone you can rely on when things get tough,” Knight said.

Seniors Arielle Knight and Josh Lepson

Seniors Arielle Knight and Josh Lepson

Camille Newsom and boyfriend

Senior Camille Newsom and her boyfriend met at a sleep-away camp where they were both counselors in training.

Her boyfriend lives in Wellesley, while she lives in Brookline. Although it’s sometimes hard to find time to spend time with each other, they usually try to hang out around twice a week, Newsom said.

According to Newsom, they have a lot in common, which makes for easy conversations and the feeling of having someone you can talk to about anything.

“It gives you both a friend and just someone who is always there for you, who you can talk to about your day,” Newsom said.

Senior Camille Newsom

Senior Camille Newsom

Marc Daniels and girlfriend

Junior Marc Daniels met his girlfriend, who goes to Beaver Country Day School, on New Year’s Eve last year. They had a “thing” for three weeks and have now been dating ever since.

According to Daniels, being in a serious relationship has made him more mature and socially stable. He also said that going to a different high school than his girlfriend is a good thing.

“When you see each other it’s that much more special. If you go to the same school, you see each other every day, which is a plus, but on the other hand, you have to deal with in-school difficulties,” Daniels said.

Junior Marc Daniels

Junior Marc Daniels

Jerilyn McLean and Emy Metzger

“I think it’s easier to say you’re in a relationship with someone as opposed to saying ‘I’m gay’,” junior Jerilyn McLean said.

McLean has been dating Emy Metzger, a freshman at Barnard College, for almost seven months. McLean came out to her parents right after she and Emy started dating, which she feels was a good decision and made the process of coming out easier.

According to Metzger, students were very accepting of their relationship, sometimes even over-accepting because of the scarcity of same-sex couples at the high school.

“It’s great because we’re accepted but there’s a little bit too much fuss around it at times,” McLean said.

Junior Jerilyn McLean

Junior Jerilyn McLean

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