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Gymnasts face lack of coach and facilities

Gymnasts face lack of coach and facilities

Marco Georgaklis, Staff Writer
March 23, 2016
Filed under Gymnastics, Showcase, Sports, Winter Sports

Entering the season, the team was not sure if their program would continue. Previous coaches had quit only a month before the season, and the athletic department was desperately looking for new coaching. In addition, only three members were signed up going into the season. According to Assistant Athletic Director Kyle Williams, the gymnasts were distraught.

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Player Profile: Sara Maiella, gymnastics

December 19, 2013
Filed under Gymnastics, Player Profiles, Sports

Sag: How has your role on the team changed now that you are one of the older members? Maiella: Going in, I was definitely scared and reserved because I didn’t know anybody who was on the team. It was a big change for me going from club to the high school team. Now, my role as one of the older girl...

Player Profile: Talia Lepson

Player Profile: Talia Lepson

March 10, 2012
Filed under Gymnastics, Player Profiles, Sports, Winter Sports

Q Is your team close? A We’re pretty close. Spending tons of time together everyday at practice brings us together in a way that just being in classes with people doesn’t. It allows us the time to get to know each other as athletes and as people, and that’s really helpful. Come competition ti...

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